Test Your Paradox Tolerance

We easily accept with no judgement the opposite of day or night, light or dark, wet or dry, quiet or loud, light or heavy, soft or hard, right or left, and small or large. 

But there are other opposites with which we often struggle:

listen or talk

persistent or easy-going

organized or creative

extroverted or introverted

humorous or serious

feminine or masculine

optimism or pessimism

feeling or logical

positive or negative

I was attracted to my hubby because he was a quiet introvert and has a very logical mind. He was attracted to my emotional availability and extroversion. Then the honeymoon period was over. His gifts turned into distant arrogance. My gifts turned into emotional flakiness.

When life is not going well we tend to put personality traits in a good and bad list. We would never do that with night or day and we know that our days have shades of grey (and I’m not referring to a recent best seller). We are better off to exist more comfortably with personality paradoxes and opposites, just like magnets have a negative and positive that join them together.  Don’t forget the shades of grey in-between.

Test yourself. See how flexible and comfortable you are with paradox.  Look at the lists above and below.  Notice what definitions you tend to use to describe any of these personality traits. Notice if you put them in good and bad terms or being useful in certain circumstances, times and places.

listen as snoopy or available

talk as ego-centric or authentically sharing

persistent as pestering or determined

easy-going as unclear or accepting

organized as anal or prepared

creative as chaotic or inventive

extroverted as obnoxious or social

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