Highlights of Keynotes and Workshops

What You Can Expect from Patricia – 8.39 minutes

 Strategy to Let Go of Trying to Control – 1.12 minutes

Three Strategies for Resilience – 4.25 minutes



Watch shorter and longer video clips on Patricia’s YouTube Channel, Woe to WOW!



Kit Grant CSP, Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker interviews Patricia for his Gold Members

Part 1 – Introduction to What is Resilience Part 4 – Women and Men in the Workplace
Part 2 – Resilience in the Workplace Part 5 – The Five Filters
Part 3 – Tender Spot and Work Life Balance Part 6 – From Woe to Wow
Part 3 – Continue Part 6 – Conclusion

Patricia is professional and energetic. She engages her audience physically, emotionally and cognitively. Our people described her as ‘funny, entertaining, to the point and brilliant’.”
Pat Worthington, Director of Human Resources, Rocky View School Division